6 local and conscious brands you should be following

6 local and conscious brands you should be following

We, at The Natural Africa, ran the “Natural Living Giveaway” this past month, where we had the privilege of partnering with some amazing local like-minded brands, The Joinery, Fresch, Reefer, Honest Chocolate and Plantify.


These are 6 local brands who are making a difference in their communities and to the environment. Inspired by each of their stories, purpose and vision, we wanted to give you a bit more insight into these brands.



The Joinery


Run by two South African women Natalie and Kim Ellis, the Joinery are using design as the solution to environmental and community problems.


The Joinery produces bags and homeware items out of sustainable fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles. They have currently recycled half a million bottles through their business and aim to reach 1 million. Their products are all made locally with their sewing co-operatives all based in and around informal settlements in Cape Town.


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Started by a group of young healthy food enthusiasts in Cape Town, Fresch Online is a customer centric online store providing a wide range of healthy, quality dry goods.


All their products are packaged in recyclable packaging and all their goods are sourced from certified GMO Free, ethically produced, local suppliers.


The team have also recently experimented with creating their own Superfood mixes/blends using local flora like Rooibos to enhance their products with antioxidants.


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Reefer is a local company where style and sustainability come together. Founder, Sebastian was determined to make sustainable apparel cool and thus sourced some of the most sustainable local materials, cork and hemp, to create Reefer sneakers and boots.


Reefer’s factory is based in Durban with their offices based in Cape Town. All in all the company currently provides jobs for around 160 people.


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Honest Chocolate


A small bean to bar chocolate company creating ethical chocolate with a smaller footprint on the environment.


Started by founders, Michael and Anthony, Honest chocolate believe in using quality ingredients and traditional methods to produce the best chocolate possible.


The company is proudly South African. They have done collaborations with local artists like Kirsten Sims and Michael Taylor to create their packaging for their “Artist’s range.” They have also ventured out in terms of ingredients using local botanicals like Rooibos and Buchu in some of their chocolates.


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Plantify is an online nursery which was started by Andreas Keller in the spare room of his apartment in 2016. Andreas, a lover of plants and the outdoors, wanted to bring “plants closer to people”, specifically those in the city.


Now with a full team of plant enthusiasts, the Plantify team makes collecting, caring and purchasing of plants more accessible through their online platform and excellent customer service.


Plantify sources their plants locally and ensures that they are of the highest quality. The same applies with their ceramic pots and planters. All their pots are sourced locally and are made by local artisans.


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The Natural Africa


We are The Natural Africa, a skincare brand launched in 2020 by co-founders Catarina de Avillez from the UK and Andrew Franks from Cape Town, South Africa.


The Natural Africa was created with the intention of protecting and sharing African botanical wisdom that is at risk of being lost.


We are currently in the process of launching a full range with eco-friendly packaging and ingredients from local African flora. All our products are 100% vegan and all botanicals are wildly extracted.


We originally launched our aloe and devils claw serum, high in antioxidants and with natural age-defying defences. Make sure to follow us so you don’t miss out on our 2022 launch.


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