Natural Ambassador: Tebogo Pin-Pin

Natural Ambassador: Tebogo Pin-Pin

The Natural Africa believes in nature, its wisdom and powers. Our mission is to share its wonders, protect its splendour and absorb its habits.


Introducing a new member of The Natural Africa Family, Tebogo Pin-Pin.


Tebogo Pin-Pin is a South African travel writer, planner and content creator, who has released his own book, “60 Destination Gems to Visit around The Western Cape.” Follow him @Tebogo_Pin-Pin.


Q: Where did your love for travel come from?


A: My love for travel started when I was 4yrs old. My father was a Private Investigator and we never stayed in one area for more than a year. As soon as my father closed a criminal case, the entire family had to move to a new area for safety.

I also worked as a Field Sales Manager and travelled around South Africa hosting marketing campaigns for different brands. I visited all the nine provinces and stayed in six, and the feeling was so great I didn’t want to stop travelling and exploring other areas.


Q: What wisdom has Africa given you?


A: To use what I have, start where I am, respect everyone, and have the confidence to believe my dreams are valid.


Q: What does living naturally mean to you?


A: It means being environmentally savvy by taking care of the environment and animals while making sure you eat natural foods, you exercise, and use natural products that do not contain harmful ingredients.


Q: What place in Africa has most inspired you and why?


A: It has to be Botswana, not only because I am a Motswana but because the country fully embraces the idea of eco-tourism (responsible/sustainable tourism) practices that benefit the locals. I believe South Africa should learn from Botswana if they wish to achieve economic sustainability through tourism.


Q: What value have you found in sharing the wonders of Africa?


A: This has allowed me to meet and make friends with travellers from other countries. It has also given me the opportunity to teach and share authentic stories about the beauty of our country, the culture, the way of living, and our people.

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