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Delving deep into the natural treasure chest that is the African continent, The Natural Africa was founded by two South Africans with a deep love of their country and passion for its native plants.

The Natural Africa was founded in the Western Cape, South Africa, home to the Cape floral kingdom - one of the richest areas in the world for plant biodiversity. Most 8,500 plant species are native Fynbos vegetation covering the region's magnificent mountains, lowland valleys and coastal plains.

As passionate, creative founders and friends inspired by the rich heritage of African pharmacology, Catarina and Andrew dovetailed their expertise in skincare and marketing, and The Natural Africa was born.

The Natural Africa fully embodies what it means to be sustainable, mindful and faithful to its name. In being determined to deliver only 100% natural formulations, the pair have stayed true to ethical, wild-harvesting only.

Catarina de Avillez | Founder

Catarina has roots in Portugal and South Africa, with relatives who are descendants of the original Rooibos farmers in South Africa. "I grew up learning about Fynbos plants and their powerful applications and nourishing benefits. Then, in December 2019, I visited Hermanus, in the Western Cape, as I did every year, and it dawned on me that I needed to launch a uniquely Southern African botanical skincare range. With my experience in the luxury beauty industry in the UK, I realised there was a genuine need for Southern African botanicals in skincare. So I combined my nomadic lifestyle, ambition for discovery, and the last 12 years in the luxury beauty industry to create something truly magical, an ode to the abundant fauna of South Africa."
"Our time-tested botanicals are carefully sourced from Southern Africa and packed with active natural ingredients to treat your skin. Our highly concentrated skincare formulations will truly nourish and care for your skin." - Catarina De Avillez

Andrew Franks | Founder

Creator of Value for Africa in Africa . Andrew is a natural marketeer and creative, and entrepreneur.
He founded Feel Better Naturally™ with a vision to bring the vast botanical wealth of Africa to the world in innovative and creative ways.
Andrew discovered the power of African Medicinal plants on his travels through the country and has since launched an exclusively African Herbal range
and African Botanical skincare ranges

Proudly South African with a love of Africa, Nature, and Adventure.

We pride ourselves in sustainably sourcing the best botanicals from across Africa, packed with active natural ingredients to nourish and care for your skin through highly concentrated skincare formulations. '