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Under the brilliant African sun, rooted in the resilient terrain, grows the abundant, hardy fauna, used by ancient communities for centuries. To cure. To protect.To renew.


These plants have stood the test of time. Flourishing beneath the amber skies, they hold the secret to protecting and nourishing your skin. They are the ancient Scientists; our original Estheticians.


Responding to the growing desire for trusted natural, vegan, and organic skincare, The Natural Africa™ is proud to announce the launch of its exclusive Active Botanicals skincare collection. 

The Natural Africa is a pioneering beauty brand made with powerful medicinal plants sustainably sourced in Africa. It is as gentle on the environment as it is on your skin. The capsule collection includes Rooibos Cleansing Cream for gentle purifying, Cape Aloe Serum for sealing in moisture, Resurrection Moisturiser for promoting rapid hydration and skin cell production, and Rosehip Oil for boosting collagen formation and smoothing fine lines.   

Formulated by our team of pharmaceutical and dermatological specialists, these organic, plant-based products are thoughtfully designed to protect, nourish, and renew all skin types.  Each product has been uniquely formulated and produced in small batches for effective results. The sustainably sourced ingredients are rich in natural oils, vitamins, antioxidants, and omegas which combine to be a super amalgamation of natural nourishment.

The range is made of 100% natural, raw ingredients, without artificial chemicals. 


Delving deep into the natural treasure chest that is the African continent, The Natural Africa was founded by two South Africans with a deep love of their country and passion for its native plants.  

The collection takes its inspiration from indigenous knowledge and ancient remedies. The result is a four-strong product range featuring a cleanser, serum, moisturiser and oil. 

Our hero ingredients are botanicals that have been used traditionally for millennia by communities for their natural benefits - including Cape Aloe, Rooibos, Resurrection Plant, Marula, African Immortelle, Devils Claw, Rose Geranium, Baobab, and African Mahogany.


We pack the most active ingredients at the highest levels of concentration to deliver maximum results. Our range is made of 100% natural, raw ingredients, without any artificial chemicals.


We only produce a limited number of our products per year. The earth is under extreme strain because of the over-consumption of natural resources. That’s why we’re committed to sustainable, wild harvesting and selective, eco-sensitive cultivation where necessary. This way, we help safeguard Africa’s plant diversity for the benefit of generations to come.

Organic. Natural. Vegan. Cruelty-free. Dermatologically approved.

Free of parabens, mineral oils and synthetic chemicals.


Nature provides all we need to care for our skin and enhance our wellbeing. Which is why we create products with the original, organic, nourishing wisdom of African botanicals.

Our insights are derived from ‘The First People’ on earth, our 100% plant-based formulations are co-designed with nature, and our products are certified by science, to empower your body’s own processes with wisdom that’s both pure and proven.

We know that human health and healing are aided by nature, and linked to the sustainability of the natural world. So we’re as committed to sharing Africa’s botanicals as we are to protecting them.

To us, nourishing skin with the wisdom of African botanicals means:


Africa is a treasure trove of medicinal plants. For thousands of years, indigenous people relied on these plants as natural remedies. We couldn’t make our products without the knowledge passed on through generations. Thousands of years of traditional use has resulted in a broad knowledge of the formulations and dosages required for safe and effective results.


Our strategic partners are closely watching research on the plant species of our continent. We choose only the botanicals with scientifically-proven health benefits.


The earth is under extreme strain because of the over-consumption of natural resources. That’s why we’re committed to sustainable wild harvesting and selective, eco-sensitive cultivation where necessary. This way, we help safeguard the plant diversity of Southern Africa for the benefit of generations to come.


We are committed to producing high quality products by adhering to established HACCP and ISO protocols and following the HPLC method of botanical identification.


We believe in the sacredness of all life and in our responsibility to protect, preserve and advance the botanical wisdom of Africa. We aim to conduct our business in an honest, fair and ethical way.